Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh is new captain; becomes target of pranks

Day 25 inside the Bigg Boss house is all about the newest member of the house Rishabh Sinha who entered as a wild card earlier in the week. He becomes the new captain, flirts with Yuvika, gets into a spat with Rochelle and becomes the target of pranks.

‘Bigg Boss 9’ contestants wake up dancing energetically to the song ‘Chak Doom Doom’ in the morning. Rishab tells Yuvika that Mandana is feeling bad for Kishwer after the hotel task and that she deserves a second chance as she has apologized to Kishwer.

Rishabh flirts with Yuvika and sings ‘Bholi si surat’, the song from the same film from which the morning alarm played – ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’. He also says he wants to be her personal butler. Yuvika blushes and enjoys his attention. She also hides Rishabh’s protein shake, which makes Prince seemingly jealous. Later, Yuvika is seen sporting Rishabh’s headband and others tease her.

Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task between Rishabh and Mandana who had won the hotel task that took place during the last two days. They were given the option to choose a candidate to execute the task on behalf of them. While Rishabh chooses to do it himself, Mandana wants Prince to do it for her, but he refuses. Then Keith steps in for his old partner.

The task required the candidates to balance themselves on a plank laid across the pool and fight with a rod-like prop. After five rounds, Keith loses to Rishabh who is then declared the new captain.

Towards the afternoon, Rishabh and Rochelle get into an ugly fight when Rishabh refuses to keep his bag properly in a corner. They have a heated argument and Rochelle ends up abusing him. Keith and Prince step in and calm her down.

Yuvika and Kishwer decide to play a prank on Rishabh and apply sunscreen lotion inside the hood of his jacket. Following Rishabh’s ‘torturous’ treatment meted out to the housemates, especially Kishwer when he was made a guest during the hotel task, Prince and Suyyash play a prank on Rishabh by throwing his bag into the pool. It is actually an empty bag which Rishabh isn’t aware. Yuvika and Rochelle also play their part by pretending to be worried about Rishabh’s belongings getting wet. Everyone has a hearty laugh when Rishabh jumps into the pool to save his bag, but finds it empty.

The housemates also welcome a new wild card contestant Puneet Vashist who arrives in the house by playing a banjo and chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’. Like Rishabh, Puneet, best known for his role Shah Rukh Khan-starrer film ‘Josh’, also starts giving feedback and advice to the old members of the house. He also makes some quirky remarks about them.

In the night, Puneet tells Yuvika that he wants to sleep on the bed next to hers. She initially agrees, but later requests Digangana to share the bed with her as she is uncomfortable.