Bigg Boss 9: Rimi’s mother unfazed by her crying

Bollywood actress Rimi Sen who is currently contesting the ninth season of ‘Bigg Boss’ is visibly unhappy being locked up inside the house. From the very beginning of the show, she has made clear that she was not interested in the game and wanted to leave the show. Rimi is also not taking any interest or enthusiasm in doing the tasks and barely interacts with her co-contestants.

Last weekend, the actress had even broken down when host Salman Khan played a prank on her by giving her a ticket to finale. She was also not happy about being saved from elimination.  While her crying on national television was distressing for viewers as well as her comrades who know her and have worked with her, the actress’ mother is unperturbed, according to a DNA report.

Rimi is an only child and has no siblings. She had lost her father a few years ago and stays with her mother Sanghamitra. Speaking to the daily, Rimi’s mother said, “I watch the show every day so I don’t miss her. Also, I’ve heard that she’s getting lot of votes.”

She also said that she wasn’t sad when she saw her daughter crying in the show. “I am a very practical person. I didn’t cry when I saw her crying. Rimi has always been a strong girl, independent and confident by nature, even as a child. She’s a national scholar, has learned dancing since the age of three, is an accomplished Odissi dancer and has been working since she was 14,” she said.

She said the Rimi had always made her own decisions and that she knows what she is doing and how to take care of herself. She also added that she doesn’t need to advise the actress on anything. “She is a big girl. Who am I to give her advice? Even if I did, it wouldn’t get through to her as she has no connect to the outside.”

“I came to know that she had signed up for the reality show only when the producers came home to get the contract signed. I don’t want to interfere in her life in any way. She has always been like my guardian angel, even as a child...” Rimi’s mom added.

She said she could not be present to see Rimi off when she entered the Bigg Boss house as it was ‘Mahalaya’ and she was tied up with other work. She also said she doesn’t miss Rimi as there are many cameras inside the house that everyone comes to know what’s happening.

However, she also refused to go inside the Bigg Boss house to meet her daughter if ever given a chance.