Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen to move out of the house tonight?

From day one, Bollywood actress Rimi Sen has shed enormous tears to quit the show and often seen regretting her decision to take part on the show. Rimi, who regrets being part of the show did not actively, took part in any of the tasks and now tonight it will be decided whether she will prefer to stay or leave the house. Uncountable times, she said that she wants to go home. Now it’s time to see whether she really wants to go or it’s a part of her game plan to stay longer on the show and emerged as a winner.

It is heard that in tonight ‘Bigg Boss’ episode, a historic announcement will be made. Bigg Boss will open the main gate and ask the contestants to move out of the house whoever is feeling so. The gate will be opened for 5 minutes and any contestants are free to go outside with their own will. If we recall, Rimi shed bucket of tears when Salman Khan gave her the ticket to the finale.

On one hand, Rami sheds bucket of tears saying she wants to leave the show, but on the other hand she says that she is making “bank balance by staying in the house.” Rimi Sen’s dual mind will be understood today when Bigg Boss will open the gate for few minutes.

Colors channel tweeted #In a @BiggBoss first, the main door has been opened! Who will decide to leave the #BB9 house? @suyyashrai @manizhe

Whether, Rimi will go home or stay back will be cleared at tonight’s episode. Stay tuned!