Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen gets evicted; Suyyash breaks down

Bigg Boss 9’ contestant Rimi Sen’s wish is finally fulfilled. A week ago, Rimi, Mandana, Rochelle and Rishabh were nominated for evictions, while Digangana was nominated by then captain Kishwer. While the rest are saved, Rimi gets evicted from the house after seventh week.

Rimi, who starred in films like ‘Dhoom’ and ‘Hungama’ soon after entering the show, has been requesting co-contestants to nominate her for evictions. Host Salman had rebuked her saying it was against the rule of the house. She was also showing least interest in the task to the extent that the housemates had to lose their luxury budget just because she refused being a part of the task.

However, late last week when Bigg Boss opened the main doors and asked that whoever wished to leave the house can go, Rimi did not budge and let go the opportunity. She had wanted to go by the usual audience elimination.

Reportedly, Rimi had signed a contract according to which she would be paid Rs two crore if she is evicted by audience votes, but if she gets out herself or Bigg Boss were to take her out, then she would get only 20 percent of the amount. Rimi has had her way by getting out due to least number of audience votes.

Earlier, the contestants are given a chance to win back the prize money they lost during the auction task to get back their luggage earlier in the show. Bigg Boss put different amount of money in different ‘potlis’ totalling to Rs 20 lakh, double the amount they had lost in the task.

Each of the contestant has to hold the rope to which the potli is tied with a pole for 24 hours. Priya was made the moderator of the task, while Digangana due to her illness was rested. Although, housemates did not distract each other during the task, Bigg Boss planned it in his own way to break the patience and will of the contestants.

Jallad who was a part of the show in previous two seasons, enters the house and started taking away the personal belongings of the contestants. He took Kanwaljeet’s clothes and specs, Kishwer and Rochelle’s make-up items and jewellery and others. They could only watch in despair as they had to keep holding the ropes.

Bigg Boss had also called Suyyash’s sister Shruti in the house. He could see his sister sitting in the confession room on the screen, but is unable to meet him. Suyyash was in dilemma whether to go and meet her or continue with the task. Unable to take it, he breaks down.

However, no one wins the task as each of them leaves the rope one by one. Standing for twenty four hours holding a rope amidst all sorts of distractions isn’t an easy task of course!