Bigg Boss 9: Priya accuses Rishabh of being sexual

The latest two wild card contestants in ‘Bigg Boss 9’ – designer Kanwaljeet Singh and ‘Big Brother Australia 2014’ finalist Priya Malik - have brought in a new wave with helluva drama and verbal war taking place in the house on day 44 of the show.

Bigg Boss announces the week’s luxury budget called ‘Bigg Boss Dairy’ in which the housemates have to milk an electronic cow kept in the garden area with the help of nozzles. For the task the housemates have been divided into two teams under Rimi and Prince and captain Kishwer as the sanchalak (supervisor).

Rochelle, Kanwaljeet and Rishabh were in Prince’s team while Rimi’s team included Suyyash, Priya and Mandana. Each team had to fill milk in maximum packets and at the same time prevent the other team in doing so. The packaged milk will then go through hygiene check and the team with the maximum approved packets of milk would be the winner.

Like always, there ensues a ruckus as the task commences. As Priya gets to the task and milks the cow, Rishabh attempts to stop her, and in doing so, he starts licking her fingers. Priya is irked and tells Kawaljeet that Rishabh is licking her fingers and accuses Rishabh of being sexual.

Kawaljeet replies by saying that Rishabh is not physically harming her and only appearing sexual and encourages him to continue. He even calls Priya ‘aunty’ further irritating her and she in turn calls him ‘uncle’. This escalates into a heated spat between Priya and Kanwaljeet. The designer also faces backlash from the opponents for making inappropriate comments.  

Rimi who had annoyed the housemates after they were deprived of last week’s luxury budget on two occasions because of her, was participating in the task. However, she has an argument with Priya over approving a packet of milk.

As the day ended, Prince rang in his 25th birthday in Bigg Boss house with everyone wishing him.