Bigg Boss 9: Prince snaps at Mandana for calling Nora his girlfriend

Sometime ago, Prince had professed his love to ousted contestant Yuvika Chaudhary by making a heart-shaped paratha in Bigg Boss house. The former Splitsvillan seems to have found a new love in the wild card contestant Nora Fatehi.

Prince and Nora and have become close ever since she entered the house. On day 61, housemates enjoy a splash in the pool. Prince and Nora were also there enjoying. Mandana and Rishabh too were nearby and were discussing things happening inside the house.

Prince in good humour started teasing Mandana and Rishabh. The Iranian beauty did not take this well and made a sarcastic remark saying, “Aapko nayi girlfriend Mubarak ho (congratulations on your new girlfriend.” She went inside after a while.

However, when Prince came out of the pool, he snapped at Mandana and started screaming at her saying how dare she comment that Nora is his girlfriend. He says that when Mandana was friends with him, she did not call herself his girlfriend. So she should think before pointing finger on someone’s character.

His behaviour stunned the other housemates. Later, Prince is also seen talking to Nora and wiping away her tears. He tells her that he will save her from nominations till the time he can.

Bigg Boss also announced the captaincy task which was held between Keith and Suyyash. The two of them were tied together and were asked to run in opposite direction and press the buzzer. Keith managed to press the buzzer first and was appointed the new captain of the house replacing Priya.

Meanwhile, after fighting with Rochelle and Priya, Gisele targeted Mandana spreading rumours about her in the house. Gisel is seen talking about Mandana’s alleged divorce with model Lalit Tehlan and her present relationship with Gaurav Gupta. She also claimed that Mandana hid her actual age.