Bigg Boss 9: Prince-Nora intimacy creates ruckus in house

Australia-based NRI Priya Malik is up to her tricks and creates rift among Prince, Suyyash, Kishwer, Rochelle and Keith whom she terms ‘cool group’. She also gets into a fight with Rochelle on day 79 of ‘Bigg Boss 9’.

Prince and Nora have become quite fond of each other and have been engaging in a lot of PDA (public display of affection). In the morning Keith and Suyyash discuss the change in Prince’s attitude due to his ‘feelings’ for Nora.

Some of the housemates including Priya had earlier discussed at length about Prince and Nora’s growing closeness, their kisses, hugs and their lovey-dovey moments. Priya sees an opportunity and tells Nora that the ‘cool group’ has been gossiping about her and Prince’s equation and talking vulgar stuff.

This angers Nora and she accuses the housemates of having double standards and said that they are maligning her character and image on national television. She has an ugly squabble with the contestants including Mandana. Suyyash who is the current captain of the house shouts at her for not understanding the whole discussion and Nora breaks down. Prince comforts her and stands by her and fights with the housemates.

The incident happens after Rochelle and Priya’s argument over using the bathroom. Priya makes a personal remark and says that Rochelle just wanted to have a bath with her boyfriend Keith. Prince takes Rochelle’s side and tells Priya that she cannot pass such cheap and personal comments. This causes a huge fight between Priya and Prince-Rochelle. Priya then goes to Nora and spill all about her discussion with ‘cool group’ regarding Nora and Prince.

Meanwhile, Priya spots Prince and Rochelle whiling away time and reminds them that they are supposed to be a part of the cooking team. This leads to a fight between Suyyash and Rochelle-Prince. Rochelle defends herself and says that she had told the housemates to heat the chicken but they decided to make parathas instead.

Suyyash reprimands Rochelle for her attitude while Kishwer tells Rochelle that if Keith was the captain, she would have taken her responsibility more seriously. Soon after Priya walks into the bedroom and happily tells Rishabh, “CGC – Cool Group Cracked” as she is successful in getting the ‘cool group’ arguing amongst themselves.

Bigg Boss also introduces the luxury budget task called ‘Jewel Thief’ in which the house is turned into a diamond museum and the housemates are divided into two teams – thieves and police. The thieves are provided a place for their hideout to keep their stolen items. The task of the police team is to prevent burglary in the museum and keep the precious diamonds secure.

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