Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula says he doesn’t love Nora Fatehi

The housemates wake up to the song 'Paisa Yeh Paisa’ from ‘Karz’ on day 71, which is a hint for the upcoming money task that Bigg Boss introduces later in the day. Captain of the house Prince Narula delegates the household chores and everyone carries on with their activities.

Prince and Nora have become really close and he also chose Nora for the romantic date last week. So Rochelle, Suyyash and Kishwer ask Prince about his relationship with Nora. Prince tells them that that he had spoken to Nora and cleared that he liked her, but did not love her. Rochelle also advises Prince that if there is nothing between the two, then he should finish it as it is not looking good and appears as if he was doing time pass. They also tell him that Nora’s feelings for him are evident and that he should distance himself if he doesn’t feel strongly for her.

Christmas is approaching and Rochelle suggests that they should play ‘secret Santa’ and gift each other presents. That very moment, Keith also strikes upon an idea of donating a few of their clothes to an orphanage. Rochelle feels that Keith has cut into her idea and gets upset with him. Keith later cheers her with kisses.

Towards the evening, the housemates decide to play a game of truth and dare and quite a few revelations surface during this session, including Prince’s choice between Yuvika and Nora and whether Mandana is just plain lazy or lethargic about work. Rishabh also tells Nora that he does not believe Nora’s feelings are genuine and asks Nora if his instincts are right. This irks the Moroccan damsel and she becomes defensive.

Later, Bigg Boss introduces the luxury budget task ‘Baazi’ and also gives them one more chance to recover their lost prize money. The task would also determine the contenders for the next captaincy task.

The housemates are coupled in four pairs - Rochelle-Rishabh, Mandana-Kishwer, Keith-Nora and Suyyash-Priya. Each pair is made to stand on a pole with two rings for footing, and the pair standing for the longest time would be the winner.

Gisele was made the sanchalak of the task while Prince was called into the confession room and was asked to bet which pair will be the winner. He bet on Keith and Nora and if they win the task, then the housemates will win back their lost prize money.