Bigg Boss 9: Prince chooses task over Nora

The luxury budget task ‘Jewel Thief’ continued on day 80 of the show which also saw contestants getting into heated argument over the task. Ultimately, the police team comprising Rochelle Rao, Prince Narula, Kishwer Merchantt and Priya Malik win the task.

Earlier at midnight, Prince changes the position of the diamonds to confuse the thieves, while Priya puts oil on them so that the diamonds slip-off from thief’s hands. However, Bigg Boss tells them that their actions will have consequences on the luxury budget.

Prince decides to give his full to the task and tells Suyyash that he has distanced himself from Nora and will not let her affect his game. He further says that he will test Nora’s reliability and loyalty further on in the game and if her feelings are fake she won’t be able to hide it for long.

Nora also tells Kishwer and Suyyash not to talk about her and Prince’s relationship and later tells Prince that this could be Suyyash’s game plan.

Priya and Mandana are still at loggerheads and get into a tiff yet again. During the task Mandanacalls Priya a loser as she is constantly watching her while she was near the diamonds. Priya taunts Mandana by saying that she is a natural thief and as she has stolen chocolates and Rishabh’s items. Mandana reacts by calling Priya a mosquito always buzzing in other people’s business, while Priya retaliates by calling Mandana a ‘massive dragon’.

In course of the task, Keith feels that Suyyash, who is the ‘sanchalak’, is being partial towards the police team. During the task, Rishabh tries to escape from the jail and in the process throws Priya’s shoes away. Priya in turn breaks the pot of water meant for Rishabh and both of them clash. Rishabh is let loose after Keith gets arrested for stealing the diamonds.

Rochelle gets upset as Keith says that in course of the task, he does not consider her as his girlfriend and she should not get influenced by her emotions either. She tells him that he is not respectful towards her. However, after the task, Keith makes up by giving her a tight hug and calling her his ‘diamod’.

Ahead of the New Year eve, Bigg Boss also gives them an opportunity to for the housemates to purchase fashionable clothes for the occasion. While the girls choose Indian wear, the male members mostly preferred suits.