Bigg Boss 9: Prince breaks down remembering Yuvika

It was an eventful day in the Bigg Boss house as Prince breaks down at the mention of Yuvika, while Rochelle gets upset with her boyfriend Keith. Mandana also gets into a verbal duel with Rishabh, even as Imam irritates everyone as a part of task.

Mandana is discussing with Prince about Rishabh’s behaviour when Rishabh comes and makes some mean comments. This angers Mandana and she abuses Rishabh who continues to taunt her saying she can hurl as many insults. Mandana is further irritated and asks Rishabh if he was taught how to respect woman. Prince comes to his defence and tells Mandana not to bring family in their fight. Rishabh’s taunts makes Mandana leave her cooking mid-way. She later complains to Imam and others about Rishabh’s behaviour. 

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss introduces the ‘Kaun Imam’ task where the housemates have to ignore Imam. The task brings out Imam’s crazy side to fore as he tries to instigate the housemates to react. Imam targets the girls by blocking their space and calls them names. He even says everyone in the house is mentally sick. Imam teases Prince and calls him ‘nakli takli’. Later, Imam blocks the living room door with chairs, sofas and tables so that the contestants in the garden area are unable to enter into the house. The task gets crazy and wild as the contestants are hell bent on proving that they can ignore Imam and win the task.

After the task is over in the evening, Rochelle gets upset with Keith for lending his T-shirt to Mandana. Keith explains to her that he gave it to Mandana as she wanted to style her look with it. But Rochelle seems unconvinced because that T-shirt was a gift from her to Keith and it holds a lot of emotional value for her.

Rishabh and Prince have a late night discussion about the ladies in the house when Rishabh asks Prince about his fantasies and love interests in the house. Rishabh also teases Prince by saying that he always imaged throwing a party where Prince is dancing with Yuvika while Prince has all his attention on Nora. Prince gets emotional while talking about Yuvika and break downs. Rishabh gives him a hug and consoles him.