Bigg Boss 9: Mandana watches housemates from secret room

When Bigg Boss announced that Mandana has been evicted from everyone is shocked and Mandana bids a teary adieu while all other contests also cry and express their sadness over her sudden departure. But it was only a fake eviction and the Iranian beauty is sent to a secret room where she will stay for a day.

Bigg Boss also gives her the opportunity to watch and hear the housemates from time to time. She is also given the power to nominate two contestants for eviction, basing on what she sees and hears from the contestants.

Adding a twist, Bigg Boss reveals to the housemates that Mandana is not ousted but is staying in a secret room and also watching over them. Unknowing to Mandana, Bigg Boss tells them about an indicator in the house which will indicate whenever they are being watched by Mandana. Bigg Boss also tells them to speak about Mandana. They are also told that when Mandana returns, she will choose two contestants who will be saved from nominations.

Soon everyone is talking about Mandana and what they liked or disliked about her. Rochelle discusses with Aman that she didn’t think that Mandana will be out so soon. They also talk about the highway task when Kishwer accused Mandana of kicking her. Rochelle says that Salman took the matter lightly.

Mandana’s biggest competitor Kishwer also divulges her true feelings and confesses to the camera that she is happy as Mandana is no longer in the house. She also explains that she doesn’t think Mandana is a competition, but is definitely a pain in the neck for the contestants. She also says that Bigg Boss house is peaceful without her.