Bigg Boss 9: Mandana fights with Priya over cooking for housemates

Iranian model-turned-actress Mandana Karimi is known for throwing tantrums in the Bigg Boss house. She has always maintained that she has come to play the game and not make friends. She has had heated exchanges with everyone in the show.

On day 51, Mandana again has a huge spat with the latest wild card entrant Priya Malik and calls her ‘mother India’.  Priya who is the current captain of the house decides to conduct a meeting with all the housemates to divide the household chores. When she asks Mandana to come for the meeting, the Iranian hottie flatly refuses saying everyone knew what they had to do.

However, Priya assigns her the job of cooking for the housemates, but Mandana outrightly refuses to do. Rishabh and Kanwaljeet complain that Mandana is very selfish and doesn’t cook for everyone and cooks only when she wants to. Mandana also says she will not cook for people she doesn’t like.

Priya tries to reason with her and says that it is not a request and that she should cook for everyone. She also says that everyone else too had their responsibilities, and Mandana should not pick and choose people and say she won’t cook for them.

But Mandana keeps on yelling needlessly and commenting on Priya’s behaviour calls her ‘mother india’. This irritates Priya and their argument goes a notch further with Rishabh and Kishwer also getting involved in the brawl and asking Mandana whether she will cook for all or not.