Bigg Boss 9: Mandana faces ‘fake’ eviction; stays in secret room

The luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachche’ continued on day 37 in the Bigg Boss house with role reversal. Suyyash, Aman, Digangana and Mandana who played the part of BBdaycare staff now play the role of kids, while Prince, Rishabh, Kishwer and Rochelle become their caretakers.

Bigg Boss had already announced at the beginning of the task that this week’s elimination will depend on the housemates’ performance in the task. As the task comes to an end, Rimi, who was appointed sanchalak (supervisor), is called in the confession room to give the name of the worst perfomer in the task. Rimi takes the name of Mandana.

Bigg Boss announces that Mandana is evicted and asks her to pack her bags and leave the house. Everyone is shocked and Rochelle and Kishwer break into tears. But the housemates are unaware that it is only a fake eviction. Mandana is sent into a secret room from where she will be able to watch and hear the others. She will re-enter again soon.

Earlier in the day, the kids in the house do their best to irritate their caretakers as Suyyash and Aman engage in a pillow fight and Digangana throws tantrums wanting her hair-band back. Prince and Suyyash also get into a tiff with Suyyash claiming that Prince got too physical with him.

Mandana who gave up the task the previous day citing health reasons, participated with full vigour. Seeing this Kishwer and Prince claim that she was faking ill-health the other day and Prince reacts. Mandana abuses Prince and accuses him of hurting her and also fights with Rochelle when she comes to change the diapers.

In course of the task, the contestants get in argument a number of times regarding the rules of the game. However, Rimi as usual refuses to do the job of sanchalak assigned to her saying she cannot make a decision amidst such extreme controversy.

Somehow, others arrive at a consensus on the rules, but soon get into a spat when Prince tries to get Suyyash out of the bedroom, but Aman holds the bedroom too tightly. Prince is annoyed claiming it to be unfair.

After the task is over, Suyyash and Prince discuss about successfully completing a task. Prince also recalls about his school days.