Bigg Boss 9: Mandana confronts Rochelle; Rishabh in ‘fight mode’

Iranian model-actress Mandana Karimi who was in the secret room watching the contestants criticizing her, returns to the house much angrier on day 38 in the house. As per the power given by Bigg Boss, she nominates Rochelle and Prince.

Mandana said it was shocking that Rochelle who is her friend would speak such nasty things behind her back. She tells that being in the secret room was an eye-opener for her as she has come to know the real Rochelle. She also told Aman that it was not expected of him either. While it was not unusual for Kishwer to bitch about her, Mandana said she was disappointed with Rochelle and Aman.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss also announces the nominations and reveals the task given to the housemates in Mandan’s absence. All the contestants except Prince and Rochelle have been nominated for evictions this week.

Rochelle tries to explain herself to Mandana that whatever she said was a part of the task. Bigg Boss wanted them to speak about her so that when she returned from the secret room, she nominated them. However, Mandana was not ready to listen and tells her that she had some emotional bonding with Rochelle, but is now back to play the game alone.

Kishwer, Suyyash and Prince who were waiting for the day when Mandana and Rochelle would fight appeared to be very happy with the incident. Rochelle was however, upset at not being able to clear the misunderstanding.

Earlier in the morning, Rishabh Sinha got into ugly brawl with Prince over food. When Kishwer complains about left-over parathas, Rishabh says that he has been eating less so that they do not run out of ration. He tells her that from now on he will not compromise on his food and eat to his full as food is being wasted anyway.

But Prince Suyyash and Aman say that he will have to think about everyone else and tells him that ration should suffice for everyone. In the process they get into an argument and start hurling abuses. The duo nearly comes to blows when Aman intervenes and pacifies them.

Later, Aman is irritated by Rishabh who was using his towel. Aman is annoyed that Rishabh has taken his towel without even asking him. He tells Rishabh that he should be aware of basic etiquettes and should not use other people’s personal things without their permission.