Bigg Boss 9: Trouble in Rochelle-Keith’s paradise

The Bigg Boss 9 house has two real life couple, viz. Kishwer-Suyyash and Rochelle-Keith. During the weekend episode, host Salman had asked the housemates as to which couple is not likely to carry ahed their relationship for long outside the house. Mandana took the name of Rochelle and Keith as it’s not long since both have started dating.

It appears that her words might just come true.

On day 64, Rochelle and Keith play a game called ‘free-fall’ in which Rochelle had to turn her back towards Keith and go for a free fall. but she was unable to do it. She was apprehensive that if Keith missed and failed to catch her, she would fall and injure herself. She attempted more than once but could not bring herself to do it. However, Suyyash asks her to fall on him, and amazingly, she does it at one go, while Keith and Nora do the free-fall and show Rochelle.

Her boyfriend and the other housemates tease Rochelle about this. Later, she blamed Keith that she could not trust him as he was standing too far from her. She also expressed her disapproval over some of Keith’s actions. She told him that she is hurt when Keith goes with his problems to Prince and Suyyash, instead of discussing with her.

Keith and Rochelle have their private conversation alone in the sky lounge where Keith tries to make Rochelle understand that he was confident about himself.

Meanwhile, it was also the day of nominations. With half of the season over, contestants now nominated to eliminate the strongest contenders, and friendships were ignored. Keith as the captain of the house nominated Gisele and Priya.

After the nomination procedure finished, six contestants got nominated for eviction in the coming weekend. They are Mandana, Rishabh, Rochelle, Suyyash, Priya and Gisele among whom one will be show the door this weekend.