Bigg Boss 9: Kishwer is new captain; housemates angry with Rimi

It is time to select a new captain for the Bigg Boss house following the surprising nominations after Mandana’s stint in the secret room. The contenders for the captaincy task this week were Rochelle, Prince and Kishwer. Rochelle and Prince had last time also taken part in the captaincy task, but in vain.

For the task, the three contenders were made to hold a glass bowl filled with coloured water, and whoever held it for the longest duration would become the next captain. The twist in the task was that the rest of the housemates had to trouble the three contenders so that they lose their patience and give up the task.

The outgoing captain Suyyash was made the moderator for the task to ensure a fair play.

The housemates troubled Rochelle and Prince more than did Kishwer. Rishabh, who had a nasty fight with Prince, got the chance to even. He threw chilli powder at Prince and poured shampoo. Rochelle’s eyes burned as the chilli powder went inside her eyes. Aman and Rimi help Rochelle and Prince by wiping away the chilli powder from their eyes. Rashibh and Digangana are not happy about it rendered their efforts to make them quit their task useless.

After holding the bowls throughout the day, ultimately Kishwer is declared the winner and the captain of the house.

Meanwhile, housemates welcome wild card contestant designer Kanwaljeet Singh who makes a grand entry by sending in his designer clothes into the house first. He enters when the task was ongoing and also drops some water from Prince’s bowl.

The housemates are angry with Rimi as because of her unwillingness to perform in the luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachche’, they are devoid of the luxury points. Despite competent performance by other members of the house, they were not allocated any point for the task. However, Rimi remained unaffected.