Bigg Boss 9: Kishwer breaks down after fighting with Prince

The luxury budget task ‘Paanch Dosh’ which required the housemates to battle their ego, greed, lust, anger and laziness – continued on day 53 in ‘Bigg Boss 9’.

Kanwaljeet and Mandana have been chosen for the ‘ego’ part of the task and both of them had their belongings damaged at the hands of Priya who is the moderator of the task. Mandana is adamant to make Kawaljeet quit the task and Prince supports her as she argues with the opposite team. She asks for Kanwaljeet’s diamond ring gifted by his sister. She says that she had an emotional attachment with her belongings and wanted to take revenge.

Kishwer then tells her that even Kanwaljeet has a connection with his things, but he is not reacting like Mandana. She also calls Mandana a person with double standards which doesn’t go down well with her. So, Prince comes to Mandana’s rescue and argues with Kishwer which snowballs into a verbal war.

It appears to Prince that Kanwaljeet made a comment on his father and he gets enraged, but Kishwer defends Kanwaljeet and tells Prince that nothing such as happened. She also blames Prince’s team for destroying Kanwaljeet’s spondylitis pillow.

Later, as the housemates discuss the fight, Suyyash says that the bond between Prince and Kishwer isn’t that strong anymore. He also says that since Kishwer doesn’t have a real brother, this relationship means a lot to her. He tells Prince that Kishwer has high regard for him and valued him as a real brother. Hearing all this Kishwer becomes emotional and her eyes well up. She lets her emotions out then and there and starts crying.

Meanwhile during the task, Rochelle and Keith ask Mandana to stop the task of damaging their belongings, but Mandana retorts that whenever she is performing well, she is asked to give up the task. However, Rochelle, Keith and Prince decide to discontinue the task, much to Mandana's dismay.

The housemates try to reason with Mandana that it wasn’t right to stoop so low for a task. But she is stubborn and continues to argue. She even belts out expletives for the housemates.

After battling ‘ego’ it was time for the next challenge ‘lust’ for which Rishabh and Prince have been chosen from each team. A girl tries to seduce them and it remains to see if they can resist or succumb.