Bigg Boss 9: Keith & Rochelle get romantic in pool; Aman goes bald

Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Andy, Ali Quli Mirza and Sana Khan enter the Bigg Boss 9 house on the 24th day as guests, even as Hotel BB 9 task continued for the second day. After TV actor Sargun Mehta wrecked havoc in the house the previous day, the duo arrive to help Rishabh and Mandana to further trouble the housemates working as hotel staff.

Rishabh and Mandana who were assigned as the guests have been given a secret task to trouble the staff to an extent that they should leave the luxury budget task. In an attempt to break the spirit of the staff, the guests including Ali and Sana make some unusual and extreme demands.

Suyyash is upset with Rishabh for mistreating his girlfriend Kishwer. He first made her behave like and dog and then asks for a shoulder message. Suyyash requests Andy to stop Rishabh from targeting Kishwer. Andy in turn asks Keith and Rochelle to entertain him with a romantic dance inside the pool and both of them oblige.

Andy checks out of the hotel a satisfied customer rating it well, but Ali arrives and takes off all the ratings saying he will rate it only after being satisfied with their services. Ali and Sana also help Rishabh and Mandana to push the staff to the edge and irritate them in order to make them quit the task.

Ali seeks some entertainment and makes the male members of the house take-off their shirts and go inside a pool. Keith was made to wear make-up and don a wig. Aman was made to shave his head while Kishwer got her face painted like a joker. However, Yuvika, Rimi and Digangana refused to comply with the demands of the guests and quit their jobs. Digangana was asked to wear a swimsuit and take a dip inside the pool, Yuvika was asked to cut her hair, while Rimi was asked to colour her hair.

Prince, the manager of the hotel also had a fight with Rishab when the latter asked Aman and Kishwer to become ‘murga’ (cock). Prince tells Rishab that he can do it better as he has experience of becoming ‘murga’. Rishabh gets offended and the former Splitvillans engage in a heated verbal duel. Prince who is also the current captain, again has a confrontation with Rishabh over not wearing his mic properly.

After having fun and testing the patience and tolerance level of the housemates, Ali and Sana check out satisfied and rate the hotel well.