Bigg Boss 9: Keith bursts into tears for Rochelle

The ‘Ticket to Finale’ task continues on day 87 in the Bigg Boss house. Priya continues attacking one and all while Rishabh is accused of kicking Mandana in the head. Keith also bursts into tears after seeing the hardships undergone by his girlfriend Rochelle.

In course of the task Priya attacks Kishwer and Prince immediately comes to her rescue. When Priya gets aggressive, Mandana hints at how they should take the task in their stride and not get aggressive. Priya remains by Kishwer's side, trying to attack her, but Kishwer blocks her way. She openly says that she will use their ‘group’ and loyalty to benefit and win the game and challenges.

During the task, Rishabh’s knee accidently hits Mandana’s head while she tries to take sand out of his funnel. She blames him of being violent and complains to Keith, the moderator of the task, but he takes Rishabh’s side. Rochelle, who is a witness to this incident also backs out, which irks Mandana and she further attacks Rochelle.

Bigg Boss makes slight changes in the task and the contestants are made to leave their levers open and let the sand flow. However, they were allowed to collect the sand and put it back in the funnel. The three contestants with the most amount of sand in their container get to move to the next stage of the task.

As everyone gets on with their game, Priya aggressively attacks Rochelle and doesn’t budge even when a frustrated Rochelle is in tears and request her to leave her alone for at least five minutes. She tells Priya that she has not attacked anyone, but Priya says that she is attacking her as she is a nominated candidate. A strong-willed Rochelle continues with the task.

Finally, when the buzzer goes off Prince, Kishwar and Mandana win the ticket to finale task and enter the second round.

After the task gets over, all the housemates commend Rochelle’s fighter’s spirit. Her boyfriend Keith feels bad about her for having to bear all the pain and attacks during the task and begins to cry. Kishwer also looks genuinely upset over Rochelle’s state while Prince tells her that she deserves to reach the finale.