Bigg Boss 9: Housemates turn naughty kids in BB day care

Bigg Boss house turned into a day care centre after the week’s luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachen’ was announced. Rochelle, Kishwer, Rishabh and Prince had to act like kids, while Mandana, Aman, Suyyash and Digangana were made their care takers during the task. Rimi was made the sanchalak.

In a new twist, Bigg Boss also announced that their performance in the task will determine the nominations. The kids had to irritate the care takers with their demands and nuisances to an extent that they lose their cool, while they had to maintain their calm.

Rochelle, Kishwer, Rishabh and Prince wear diapers and speak and act like kids doing everything to annoy the others. In the task, Rishabh and Prince pull Digangana into the pool after which Digangana is piqued that they had got physical. Rochelle too said that it was improper that a man should touch a girl like that. Rimi refuses to perform the task while Mandan also tells that she is not well and cannot take part.

However, Bigg Boss tells Kishwer and Suyyash that they should convince Rimi and Mandana, or else the whole house will suffer. Both unwillingly come, but Mandana gets irked by Rishabh and Prince and goes back. Rimi also gives up.

Later, after the first part of the task is over, Suyyash tells Rimi that as a captain he has been given the right to take away her mattress as she has broken the rules by not taking part in the task.

Day 36 in the Bigg Boss house was more or less peaceful, but the task will continue the next day when the two teams will play the opposite roles – Rochelle, Rishabh, Kishwer and Prince will become the day care staff while Digangana, Aman, Mandana and Suyyash will act as naughty kids.