Bigg Boss 9: House turns into a war zone with ‘highway’ task

The morning alarm song ‘Hum hai rahi pyaar ke’ sets the tone for the luxury budget task which creates a ruckus in the Bigg Boss house on the 30th day.

The task is called ‘Highway’ in which housemates are divided into two teams. Team A includes Mandana, Rochelle, Digangana, Aman and Rishabh, while team B includes Prince, Puneet, Rimi, Suyyash and Kishwer. The task involved one team to paddle a cycle-rickshaw and assume travelling through four destinations, while the other team had to irk them and get them off the vehicle. After reaching a destination, both the teams have to compete on another task and resume cycling.

Team B was the first to start cycling while team A made attempts to trouble them by throwing cold water, oil, chilli powder and waste from the garbage bin, but in vain. This is when Mandana strikes upon an idea to cause an accident on the ‘highway’. Aman then uses an umbrella to damage the spokes of the wheel and also removes the chain. Prince and Suyyash get furious and shout at Aman and ask him to back off. Aman retaliates creating a furore. However, team A’s plan backfires as Bigg Boss warns them not to damage the property.

More fights take place in course of the task with Kishwer and Suyyush getting into an argument over touching by his teammates and breaking rules of the game; Mandana teasing Kishwer by taking her clothes and Kishwer soiling Mandana’s in retaliation. Mandana throws turmeric powder at the cycling team when Puneet says turmeric is not used in “foreign food”. At this Rochelle tells him that racist remarks are not allowed and Puneet screams that he said “foreign food”.

When Bigg Boss announces with a buzzer their arrival at first destination Kochi, both the teams run to the activity area to compete on another task, which required each of the team to make a human chain and pass on raw fish with their mouth from one plate to another. Team B loses the task and Team A gets to oust Prince from the cycling task.

Another fight breaks out when Prince helps his teammates and the opposite team objects saying he is out of the game, but it is cleared once the go through the rules again which said the ousted member can help the teammates.

As they reach second destination Surat, the teams face a dhokla eating competition. Suyyash from team B and Mandana from team A participate where Suyyash wins. Thereafter, a kabbadi contest is held in third destination Jalandhar where Rishabh and Aman play opposite Suyyash and defeat him winning the game. However, team B loses another member when Puneet is not able to make it the cycle-rickshaw when the task resumed. The cycling task for team B came to an end at night when they reached the final place Palasi.

Mandana, Rochelle and Aman were seen discussing that Rishabh was not supporting them in the task.

The Highway task will continue for another day when it will be team A’s turn to ride the cycle-rickshaw, and the task is going to get dirtier when team B will attack with vengeance.