Bigg Boss 9: House turns battlefield with ‘Ticket to Finale’ task

With the finale just a few weeks away, Bigg Boss introduced a new task ‘Ticket to Finale’ for the contestants. Keith Sequeira who has been nominated for the season was made the sanchalak of the task. Each of the remaining contestants was provided with huge funnels filled with sand placed in the garden area.

The task involved the contestant to reduce sand from the funnels of the rival members while ensuring that one’s own funnel remains filled with maximum sand. The three contestants with maximum sand in their funnel will go to the next level of the game. The task will continue for two days.

Mandana becomes the first target and the housemates attack her funnel reducing the sand and in response, Mandana breaks the lever of Rochelle’sfunnel. Kishwer tells Mandana that other housemates do not consider her as a competition, but that she does not deserve to win the show. Rishabh also says that he was being stupid supporting Mandana all this while.

The housemates’ next target is Priya and Prince opend the lever resulting in sand flowing down. Priya tells Prince and the rest of the housemates to play individually rather than making groups. She even twists Mandana’s hand and Mandana complains that Priya is getting violent. Priya does the same thing with Rochelle who cries out for help.

When the task ends for the day, Priya and Rochelle complain to Bigg Boss about their injuries. Kishwer tells Mandana that the game is not over yet and she will not leave any opportunity to harm her further.

Meanwhile, Keith consoles Rochelle who is upset that Priya attacked despite Rochelle staying away from Priya's funnel. Rochelle tells him that everyone is playing double games and she is going to try and defend herself and in case anybody attacks her, she will attack right back.

Later, Priya asks Rishabh if he ever thought she was being violent in any way. She tells him that she would only attack nominated contestants the next day so that she gets saved from being ousted. When they join the rest, the other housemates taunt Priya for groupism with Rishabh. Priya and Prince get into an argument and he says that the next day Priya will see the real Prince.