Bigg Boss 9: Gisele calls Priya ‘mad woman’; gets injured in task

The luxury budget task ‘Bhoot Bangla’ continued its second level on day 60 of the show. There was no interchange and ghosts and humans teams remained the same. While in the first level the ghosts had to scare the humans, the second level involved the humans to throw the skeletons hanging from a tree in the garden area into the pool, to win the task.

Soon, the human’s team begin pulling down the skeletons, while the ghost’s team try to prevent them from doing so. The winner of the task was declared on the basis of number of skeletons thrown into the pool. Eventually, the ghost’s team emerge the winner.

Fights and arguments as usual continued in the house and it has become nastier with the entry of the latest wild cards, especially Gisele. She was seen fighting with Rochelle and Priya the previous day and she does so once again.

Gisele was speaking with Mandana about her career. Apparently Gisele and Mandana have known each other before entering the house. Although, Mandana did not take it too well, Priya seemed to be more upset about it. Priya objected to Gisele’s words and asked her not to make personal remarks. Gisele retorted that it is between her and Mandana and she should stay out of it. But Priya told her the she will interfere whenever she feels that someone is speaking or doing wrong.

Gisele asks her to shut up and said she had gone mad. She also made a remark about Priya’s age and said such things happen at this age and people go mad.   

In course of the task as the housemates were pulling and snatching the skeletons, Gisele jumps in the melee and injures her knee. Doctors were immediately called in for medical aid.

Later, in the night when everyone was in the bedroom, Rochelle and Mandana were discussing about why they lost the task. Gisele picks a fight with Rochelle and says that she is hurt and so Rochelle should not shout. But others told her that everyone can talk until the lights are out. She also abused Rochelle and called her a leech as she always clings to her boyfriend Keith.

Gisele also tries to take credit for winning the task as said she did the most hard-work in the task and that’s why she broke her leg.