Bigg Boss 9: Emotional reunion with family members for housemates

It was a day of fun, hilarity and an emotional rollercoaster in the Bigg Boss house with family members of some of the contestants visiting them.

Bigg Boss introduces the remote control task where the housemates are required to 'rewind', 'fast-forward',  'pause' and ‘play’ as per his command. The task was real fun and housemates seemed to enjoy it, but it also brought tears as amidst the task their loved ones came to meet them.

Being in a fun mood, Gisele and Rishabh tease Priya when she is in the bathroom. She stays inside for almost 20 minutes as Bigg Boss orders her to ‘pause’ as soon as she entered. Rishabh started to flick the light switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ to irritate Priya, while Gisele teased that Priya was planning to die inside the bathroom and would also be eliminated while still in the bathroom.

When Priya comes out, Bigg Boss immediately commands Priya ‘rewind’ and she goes back in, as other housemates like Prince enjoy the fun and have a hearty laugh. Finally when Priya is put on ‘play’ mode, she comes out and Gisele hugs her and they remain in this position for a while as Bigg Boss asks them to ‘pause’.

Later, when the whole house is put on ‘fast-forward’ mode, Mandana for fun’s sake throws an orange at Rishabh. But he is in no mood for joke and throws it back hitting Mandana’s back. This caused a fight between Rishabh and Mandana and other housemates too asked him the reason for such behaviour. But Rishabh simply said he didn’t want to be a part of Mandana’s jokes.

When some housemates are in the garden area, Bigg Boss asks everyone to ‘pause’ and Rishabh's sister enters the house. When Rishabh is asked to 'play', he quickly shows her around the house, even as Suyyash, Rochelle, Prince and Kishwer get emotional and become teary. After Rishabh’s sister leaves the house, Prince and Suyyash run to hug Rishabh.

Seeing this, Keith also gets emotional and all the housemates cheer him up and make him feel better, while Prince even gifts his favourite T-shirt to Keith.

Bigg Boss plays a prank on the housemates and announces that their belongings confiscated by captains of the house during their tenure are in the storeroom. They rush to the storeroom and take their things, but soon Bigg Boss orders ‘rewind’ and the housemates are forced to keep back their items to the storeroom.

In the evening, Kishwer sees on the TV screen that her mother is in the confession room and runs inside, but before she can enter, Bigg Boss ‘pauses’ everyone and makes them ‘rewind’ and ‘pause’ again. Bigg Boss then tells Kishwer to 'play' who runs and hugs her mother, but is immediately ordered to ‘rewind’. An emotional Kishwer leaves the confession room when Bigg Boss makes her repeat the same. When her mother leaves the confession room, Kishwer has a major emotional breakdown. Bigg Boss then sends Kishwer's mother in to meet her again and an overjoyed Kishwer greets her and introduces her to all.

Later, Rochelle's sister Paloma Rao enters the house when the housemates are ‘paused’. However, instead of telling Rochelle to 'play', Keith is asked to 'play'. Just when Paloma is about to leave the house, Bigg Boss commands Rochelle to 'play'. She runs to the main door and hugs her sister.

As the fun-filled day came to a close, Bigg Boss again ‘pauses’ everyone at the dinner table and tells Rishabh to 'play'. Rishabh enjoys the funny sight of the housemates in awakrd position and playfully, makes Mandana hold a knife to her throat. The housemates cannot control their laughter just when Bigg Bos tells them to 'play'.