‘Bigg Boss 9’ day 4: Vikas-Yuvika become first captain of the house

On the fourth day of ‘Bigg Boss 9’ contestants woke up to the song ‘Aa dekhe zaraa kismet kita hai dum’, and true to the song, the day saw Vikas -Yuvika and Kishwer-Aman contesting for captaincy, in which the former pair emerged victorious after beating the opponent in the task of yogasanas.

While Vikas-Yuvika was nominated for the task by voting, Kishwer-Aman got directly nominated as they were the best performers in the luxury budget task held earlier in the week.

The result of the luxury budget task which was of 14 points was also announced. However, Bigg Boss gave only four points as the participants did not perform the tasks properly and also because of breaking rules like speaking in languages other than Hindi, taking off mic and roaming around without respective partners.

Rochelle and Prince Narula were selected for the task to get the luxury budget wherein one of the partners would be blindfolded and pretend like a dog and the other a master. Prince played the dog’s part while Rochelle guided him through obstacles to get the items written on a bone-shaped card.

However, despite performing well, Rochelle wasn’t satisfied as she felt pressurised for the task due to Prince. Her boyfriend Keith tried to console her but she snapped at him. Earlier, before day-break, the night time saw an ugly cat-fight between Rochelle and Mandana who is paired with Keith. When Rochelle asked Mandana to exchange beds with Keith so that she can talk to her boyfriend, Mandana snobbishly refuses to do so. As the two get into a verbal clash, Keith remains silent. But when Rochelle breaks down, he comes to console her and help her get over the situation.

Later in the day, Mandana was also seen complaining to Keith about him being selfish and his girlfriend not being smart.

Meanwhile, the other couple of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Suyash and Kishwer were also unhappy with Kishwer’s partner Aman. Suyash is disappointed that he is not getting to spend time with his beloved like Keith and Rochelle manage to do. He was seen saying that Kishwer too has to tag along Aman wherever he goes and is not speaking up about it. He fears that Aman might be creating a rift between him and Kishwer.

Kishwer was also upset with Aman as he had apparently pushed her hard hurting her hand during the captaincy task that she refused to take part in the second round. She was later seen in tears, but didn’t speak anything about it.