Bigg Boss 9 Day 3: Mandana’s tantrums annoy co-contestants

While the first couple of days in the Bigg Boss house were more or less calm as the contestants were getting to know each other and acquainting themselves, the third day saw the inmates getting into the ‘Bigg Boss’ mode.

With the festival of Navratri in progress, the day started on a festive note as Gujrati singer Arvind Vegda along with his partner Ankit, Yuvika and Prince did a garba on the medley of the wake-up call song. Prince also tries to woo Yuvika as he takes a stand for her when she was criticises for her clumsiness in the kitchen.

The phobia task continued, and surprisingly, Suyash and Rimi challenged Suyash’s girlfriend Kishwer and her partner Aman for the Melophobia (the fear of music) task which involved playing a mouth organ kept inside a dead fish’s mouth. They completed the task successfully. They also completed the Trichophobia (the fear of hair) task where they had to put a face-mask of shampooed hair, challenged by Yuvika and Vikas.

On the other hand, Suyash and Rimi, who did not perform the task of Peladophobia (fear of baldness), were once again challenged by Roopal and Digangana to Trypanophobia (fear of needles). The task involved getting a permanent tattoo of ‘Bigg Boss’ on their body. While Suyash was ready, Rimi was hesitant which didn’t go down well with him as he had sacrificed the previous task for her. Finally, both of them walked out of the activity area.     

However, Rochelle was upset that she and Prince were not challenged for any task while two of the pairs got the opportunity twice. But, Prince says that they were not challenged as the other pairs are threatened by them.

Roopal who came across as a serious and reserved girl initially was also seen opening up about her relationship with Ankit and how their break-up affected her.

But the highlight of the day was the Iranian actress Mandana Karimi who can be rightly called the drama queen of the day. Since morning, she had been creating quite a ruckus inside the house. First, she was seen telling her partner Keith that he should make his girlfriend understand that she was not here to break them up. She also had a tiff with Aman. Later, she taunted Suyash for his comments regarding her in the activity area and broke down, even as Suyash apologised and tried to make her feel better.

The real drama happened when she started complaining about not being able to sleep due to the snoring of Arvind and Vikas. While some suggested shifting their places in rotation so that everyone can get some sleep, Mandana was adamant. In a fun moment Kishwer was seen imitating Mandana as she spoke about the latter’s selfish attitude towards others.

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