Bigg Boss 9: Arvind and Vikas evicted in double elimination

Ahead of the first wild card entry, Bigg Boss 9 saw double eliminations on the third weekend. While Gujarati singer Arvind Vegda was show the door on Saturday, actor Vikas Bhalla was evicted on Sunday.

On Saturday, host Salman Khan asked the current captain of the house as to who was giving him the most trouble. Prince who earlier in the day had a heated argument with Mandana, said she was giving him the trouble by not willing to do the chores.

Mandana was then put behind bars as punishment and grilled by Salman about her fight with Prince. Mandana said she didn’t want to talk to certain people in the house, Prince being one of them, and that that he irritated her. While other housemates, especially Vikas was of the opinion that Prince was loud while talking to Mandana, Salman took Prince’s side and said that he had not used abusive words and that Mandana too was shouting at him.

On Sunday, Salman asked the contestants to take the show seriously and told them what viewers were saying about them on the social media.

Karan Kundra and Shaleen Malhotra, friends of Prince and Suyyash respectively, were called on the show who spoke about how they were performing and also revealed a few secrets about them. According to Shaleen, Suyyash was a fun loving person and that he is not being himself inside the house.

Karan said he considers Prince as his younger brother and expected to see him emerge as a real player in the coming weeks.

The housemates are also given a mock-trophy and each of them was asked to assume himself/herself as the winner of the show and give a ‘thank you’ speech. Salman also plays a ‘Yes No’ game with the contestants. They were given a placard with one side green and other red and asked some questions to which they responded by showing green for ‘yes’ and red for ‘no’. In another game, they were given small diaries where they wrote their complaint about other members of the house.

While announcing the second eviction, Salman creates some anxiety in the house. He first asked Vikas to guess the name and then tells Keith that it is time for him to leave his girlfriend Rochelle’s hands. Rochelle breaks down, when Salman finally asks Keith to bring along Vikas with him and drop him at the door.

Before leaving, Salman announced that a wild card entrant will soon join the members.