Bigg Boss 9: All contestants nominated, except Mandana, Prince

After the double evictions of Nora Fatehi and Suyyash Rai, there are only seven contestants are remaining in the house. It was time again for the nominations and for the purpose Bigg Boss introduced a ‘Kicking’ task.

The contestants were called into the garden area where there were some footballs kept in baskets. Each contestant had to write the names of two other contestants they wanted to nominate on the football and kick it out of the house through the main door which was kept open for the task.

After the process, Priya Malik, Rochelle Rao, Rishabh Sinha and Kishwer Merchant get nominated, while Keith Seiqueira was already nominated during the Seasons Nomination task last week. Mandana Karimi and Prince Narula, who is the current captain, are safe for this week.

Meanwhile, Priya and Mandana clash when Priya comments that Mandana’s boyfriend wasn’t proud of the things she did in the house. Mandana retorts that Priya has no right to comment on her personal life. Priya tells her that she too had asked about Priya’s husband during a truth and dare game.

Priya further tells her that it was Rochelle who overheard Mandana’s telephonic conversation with her boyfriend Gaurav last week and told her about this. Rochelle agreed and said that the phone was on speaker mode and Rishabh was also with her and that she told it to Priya only as a joke. But Priya accused Rochelle of double standards and a fight breaks out between the three of them.

The lovers in the house Keith and Rochelle also clashed. It happened so that Mandana came up to Keith and complained that Rochelle was discussing about other people’s personal life with Priya. Keith tells her that she should sort out the issue with Rochelle and not bring him in Middle. This didn’t go down well with Rochelle and she told Keith that he always took a stand when it was about Kishwer or Prince, but in case of her, he rarely did. Rochelle says she feels left out and storms off.

Priya also clashes with Prince when he punished Priya and Mandana for speaking in English. Priya’s cocky attitude irks Prince and he lets Mandana go and tells that Priya’s punishment isn’t over yet. Priya gets furious and refuses to follow Prince’s instructions and do the assigned jobs.