Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza punished Minissha, Gautam

Ali Quli Mirza who is a singer hailing from Dubai has been appointed as the captain of the Bigg Boss house. It seems we will witness some striking changes in the house.

Bigg Boss season-8 is in talks since last week due to some emotional upheavals and cat-fights taking place in-house. The contestants were separated into two teams namely Super Heroes and Super Villains. Recently the two teams had an awful fight in the process of outshining each other in an event.

Just after the fight, Bigg Boss had announced Ali Quli Mirza as the wild card entrant that twitched the contestants. He is very popular for his songs in Arabic. He hails from Dubai, yet his Arabic songs are famous in Britain and other part of India. He is in talks to lend his voice for Bollywood music in Kamal Sadanah’s upcoming flick ‘Roar’.

Ali Quli Mirza continues his captaincy. He punished Minissha and Gautam for incomplete task. Minissha and Soni was assigned to clean the pool but they did not do the cleaning work nicely and when Gautam performed the incomplete job, Ali punished both Minissha and Gautam. Ali has been chosen as the captain of the house which entails him with certain special rights. Beauty with brains certainly doesn’t apply only to girls. Ali has a soothing voice, a very good face and physique and is bossing the game brilliantly with his brainstorming ideas.

He got the ball rolling by announcing interchange of work of all the inmates. The main motive behind such a rollercoaster change was to pull out the contestants from their comfort zones and to diminish group system prevailing in the show ever since it’s commencement. The new rule has been disliked by many contestants and did infuriate them to the core. However, as they say, boss is always right, so is the captain!

Ali Quli Mirza is acquainted with many contestants like Sonali Raut, with whom he bonds well, amongst others. He met them on some social platform prior to this show. He shares a good rapport with Salman Khan and gives the credit to him for his decision to join Bigg Boss.

After Ali’s announcement of work swap, Bigg Boss gave a chance to the contestants Puneet, Gautam and Pritam to choose amongst the inmates who would interchange the position of ‘Sevak’ with them.  Bigg Boss further threw the ball in Ali’s court to respond to the names. Consequently, Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba were decided to take up the role of ‘sevak’ with Puneet Issar, who was reluctant to flash out anyone’s name. It is yet to be seen how Ali’s new idea of Work - swapping works out.