Bigg Boss 8: Soni Singh curses Gautam Gulati

As the season 8 of the  TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ progresses it is generating its fair share of dirty fights and controversies. Day 20 was interesting in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ as two tasks and more fights took place to make the viewers pleased as punch.

The ‘Ice slab challenge’ was the first task of the day. Punit and Aarya were the contestants chosen for the task. The winner would escape from being directly nominated for eviction in the next cycle. The contestants were chained and made to lie on a bed of ice, while their associates tried their hand at melting a small block of ice nearby to find the ‘winner’ card. However, the house mates were given the freedom to choose whom they wanted to help. Minisha, Soni, Karishma, Upen and Diandra chose to help Aarya Babbar. Deepshikha, Sushant, Sonali, Natasha, Pritam, Gautam and Praneet decide to join the team of Punit Issar. Finally Punit won the task.

After the conclusion of the task the house mates were treated to luxury budget shopping. But instead of the regular ten minutes they were given only five minutes to shop. This was done as a punishment for breaking the house rules previously. Sushant was nominated to carry out the task. He relentlessly took out the number blocks from the board showed it to camera and tried to make the other contestants understand what the item was by drawing them on a white board. He did a good job and collected as many items possible in the stipulated time.

As the day progressed, a quarrel broke out between Gautam Gulati and Soni Singh, Soni Singh accused him of telling lies in her name. She said she hasn’t told anything as Gautam was telling all. A smart Gautam has learnt a lot from his previous fight with Karishma and therefore instead of going in a fight, he started singing and dancing in a tapori style to drive away Soni. This only made Soni more irritated. Later on she called a conference of sort of the housemates to tell them that Gautam is spreading rumors in her name and he should not be trusted.

Minissha also went ahead to speak with Karishma Tanna to speak about her abusive actions during the tasks. However, Karishma adamantly denied the charges and the discussion came to an abrupt end.

Later on the TVS Scooty Zest 110 task was given to the contestants. Soni and Sonali were made the captains of the two teams. They were to walk to and fro on a difficult to navigate ramp and fill the cargo hold of the scooties with a box in each trip. However, Sonali fell down several times on the ramp and Soni was the clear winner. Later on it was announced that each team member of Soni’s team will receive a TVS Scooty Zest 110.