Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut slaps Ali Quli Mirza

In the promos of Bigg Boss 8, Salman Khan had promised, “Yeh Safar Hoga Mast, Kyunki Twists Honge Zabardast.” The show is certainly living up to its promise and a further twist was added in the last episode when Sonali Raut lost her temper and ended up by slapping Ali Quli Mirza.

The drama started when Captain Puneet Isaar was asked to suggest two names for punishment. He nominated Upen and Gautam. He said that he had chosen two innocent men as he wanted Ali to feel guilty because (Puneet said that) Ali did not respect women.

In an earlier episode Ali had apologized to Dimpy and to all Bigg Boss housemates. He had apologized to women for hurting them. So, this started a vigorous argument between Ali and Puneet which soon spread to the rest of the house. Ali had just returned from a nice dinner with his girlfriend, but was furious at Puneet’s suggestion. It would have come to blows unless Upen had stepped between them to stop it.

Ali stormed past Puneet into the bedroom, but Puneet was not ready to relinquish his stand. He gathered all the inmates of the Bigg Boss house and reminded them how Ali had degraded Sonali in front of Lisa Haydon when the latter visited the sets to promote her film ‘Shaukeen’. Ali accepted the accusation but pointed out that he was not the only one vulgar in the group.

Sonali tried to find out what he meant by many different ways. Puneet finally revealed that Ali had made an inappropriate comment about Sonali and Upen some time back. So, Sonali ended up by slapping Ali.

This made Ali storm off and challenge Bigg Boss to open the gates for him as he felt he had no supporters left in the house. He packed his suitcase and started running all over the place and even tried to climb the roof while calling to the Bigg Boss saying that Sonali had slapped him and he will no longer tolerate such behaviour.

After this he was called to the confession room. He started shivering on the floor and a doctor had to be called for him. He was no longer kept in the house but was shifted to the secret room. Meanwhile Sonali proclaims that she will not stand any more nonsense from Ali and she is supported and consoled by her housemates.