Bigg Boss 8: Here's the seven housemates nominated this week

Bigg Boss announced a new twist in the eviction strategy this season. Bigg Boss arranged for an open nomination from the in-house contestants. They were told to choose two contestants for eviction by smearing their faces with foam. The strategy of evicting the fellow house-pals by voting-out created much of a fiasco in the house. It also pulls out long- suppressed secret enmity amongst each other.

In this season of Bigg Boss, contestants are also compelled to face the brunt, if rules and regulation of the house are not followed. Some of which includes, speaking in English and dozing-off during day time.

This week, Bigg Boss declared that the captain Ali Quli Mirza will remain off this nomination fiasco, since he is the captain. However, Ali has nominated Sushant Digvikar and the Bigg Boss himself nominated Diandra Soares for breach of rules and for being physically aggressive in the previous week. Therefore, they would not be nominated either. To add up to the queue is, RJ Pritam, who was previously been nominated. So, he escapes the scene too, as he cannot be nominated again.

Following much of strife, seven contestants were chosen for dislodging. The three contestants were already being nominated before. Four more have been chosen for the eviction by the inmates of Bigg Boss, they are, Gautam Gulati, Minissha Lamba, Soni Singh and Sonali Raut. Sonali and Minissha got 5 nomination votes, whereas, Gautam Gulati and Soni Singh got 4 votes each.

Gautam Gulati has been infamous for his recent verbal combat with Karishma Tanna. He was extremely aggressive with Karishma that in turn fetched him hatred in the house. Sonali Raut was evicted much before, but to every one’s surprise, she barged- in again into the house. Some of the contestants were grossly upset with her re-entry.

At the other hand, Minissha Lamba, a strong contestant, was seen to have entered into an argument with Bhatt that resulted in a broiling fight. Soni Singh is a week contestant due to her subdued presence in the house. Diandra has been voted-out by the Boss himself for being violent. Sushant Digvikar was nominated by the captain himself even though he is adding up masala to Bigg Boss Season 8.

In this season of Bigg Boss even the strong contestants are seen to have been dislodged. Hence, it is yet to be seen who amongst these seven, will be whacked out of the house.