Bigg Boss 8: Sambhavana hits Dimpy with slippers out of rage

The ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’ is creating quite a stir. With the challengers entering the house, the viewers are getting to enjoy lots of drama and temper tantrums. First it was Ajaz Khan abusing and punching Ali Quli Mirza. Ajaz was invited into the house as he had been a great entertainer in the last season. Therefore, the audience was disappointed when Ajaz the entertainer was kicked out very soon this time.

But viewers need not be annoyed, as there are lots of people in the show to keep them amused! The bold glam girl Sambhavana Seth started her drama as soon as Ajaz left the house. Of course, her crying and sobbing was simply a publicity stunt. But that was not all. She is going to put more action on the stage in the upcoming episodes. And it is literally action, with her shoe as the tool.

Ajaz used indecent remarks and threw punches at Ali to draw attention. But this time, the drama will be spiced up by a cat fight. Sambhavana would be seen putting up a fight with Dimpy Mahajan. The former clearly showed her dislikes for Dimpy even before entering the house. The two might be living peacefully until now, but they couldn’t keep it down any more. And the result was Sambhavana throwing a shoe at Dimpy.

It is understood that Sambhavan might not be very happy, since she is required to sleep outside the house and do the house chores as one of the challengers. While Dimpy, on the other hand, enjoys the privilege of restful sleep inside the house every night. Another reason to be annoyed is Dimpy’s constant chattering while Sambhavana does the work. This was certain to intensify Sambhavana’s resentment for Dimpy, and it really happened. The ladies got into an argument as Sambhavana got into a fit of rage. It was an entertaining cat fight at first. Sambhavana even uttered her pet dialogue, “Tera muh tod dungi”, thus threatening Dimpy. But it got ugly when Sambhavana lost her temper and threw a shoe at her opponent! The shoe did not hurt Dimpy. But it was enough to make her burst into tears.

While there have been some unpleasant surprises for the audience, the boss has brought some delightful ones too. One Khan was seen handling the responsibility of hosting to the other Khan. As Salman got busy with his next film, Farah Khan took over the job of hosting. Salman seems happy with Farah’s work, as he tweeted on 4th January, “Well done farah , well done.”