Bigg Boss 8: Puneet surprised by Minissha Lamba’s action

As the current season of popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ moves along, the viewers continued to get surprised by the various shades shown by its contestants. Although most of the time viewers get to see fights and personality clashes, sometimes the positive side of human character takes over.

Among the housemates, Puneet Issar and Minissha Lamba are widely known to dislike each other. They have been involved in arguments and Puneet has been nominating her for weeks now. But what happened during a recent episode, took Puneet by surprise.

Things started when Puneet was handed over the phone receiver by Karishma Tanna. On the other end of the line is Mr. X who tells Puneet that he needs to complete all the tasks assigned to him by Mr. X, or else he will be directly nominated for next week’s eviction.

The first challenge given to Puneet was to convince housemates Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares to give up their make-up boxes.  After staying up all night Puneet finally managed to persuade them through a long, intense chat which also involved RJ Pritam doing the role of a negotiator.

Next, Puneet was asked whom he trusts the most.  Puneet named Praneet Bhatt and was then told to convince Praneet to steal soft toys from the possession of Arya Babbar and Sushant Digvikar. After a little persuasion Praneet agreed and successfully completed the task, much to Puneet’s delight.

But Mr. X was not through with Puneet yet. He was asked to name the person he hates the most in the house. Somewhat expectedly Puneet named Minissha Lamba. Much to the discomfort of Puneet, he was asked to make Minissha pick out a cue card from a bin of garbage. Puneet somehow gathered himself and communicated to Minissha to ask for the favour.

Despite Puneet nominating her week after week, Minissha quickly agreed to help him out. Puneet was taken aback by this generosity shown by Minissha Lamba. He became emotional and broke down. He later thanked Minissha and said this incident was an eye-opener for him. Puneet finally handed over the phone to Sushant Digvikar.

Before Puneet, the spotlight was on the captain of the house Ali Quli Mirza and Sonali Raut. Sonali accused Mirza to touch her inappropriately and warned him not to repeat such actions. Quli Mirza said he was joking but he was punished by ‘Bigg Boss’ who stripped him of the captain post. Strangely Upen Patel who was with Sonali at that time, kept quiet all through this incident.