Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar’s daughter Nivriti slams Karishma Tanna

‘Bigg Boss 8’ house always witness ugly fight between Puneet Issar and Karishma Tanna. Their locking horns have been a daily routine now. Neither Puneet nor Karishma leave any stone unturned to take a dig at each other. They cannot stand each other at all. Off late, Puneet has created a negative image of him and never missed any chance to call her 'bimbette' and 'duffer'. If not inside the house, Puneet has got someone outside the house favouring him and she is none other than his own daughter his daughter Nivriti P Issar.

Nivriti wrote on her Twitter account, "@BiggBoss @karishma_tanna did her father die a natural death? Or did he kill himself for having a daughter like her who has no sense?(sic)".

Nivriti who never misses any episode of Bigg Boss 8, obviously the reason is her father slammed Karishma on the social networking site.

Karishma and Punnet Issar’s relationship was not the same earlier. First, Puneet made Karishma his “munh-boli beti” and Karishma also looked up to Issar as a father figure but gradually things between them changed and they started to hate one another and passed derogatory comments.

Nivriri’s wrong comment about Karishma Tanna invited unfavourable tweets against her. fans of Karishma lashes out at Nivriri Issar.

Here is few tweets against Nivriri from Karishma’s fans.

@monikarawal: WTF… Shameful tweet by Puneet Issar’s daughter for @karishma_tanna & her dead father. DISGUSTING!!! @Nivriti_issar

@suni_smruti: #bB8 @nivriti_issar u can hate karishma but giving such a comment proves u r puneet taklu’s daughter…parvarish achhi ki puneet ne aapki

@crazy_for_bebo: What a daughter of puneet ji @Nivriti_issar how could she say about @karishma_tanna father nivriti u should tell to ur dad whats he doing ?

@zaheermansuri: @Nivriti_issar ur tweet will drag ur dad out of #BB8 . Aren’t u ashamed of urself? Dont behave like ur dad… Think b4 u tweet #BB8