Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar gets physical with Aarya Babbar, evicted

The drama of ‘Bigg Boss’ season 8 perhaps reached its melting point when veteran actor Puneet Issar was evicted from the house for  physically attacking fellow housemate Aarya Babbar. After more than a month of verbal battles between contestants, ultimately the viewers were treated to real action. Those who were alleging that the current season of ‘Bigg Boss’ lacks drama, may have to revise their opinion now.

The incident took place during a luxury budget task. There were two teams, one consisting of Puneet, Pritam, Sonali, Gautam, and Sushant and the other team had Aarya, Karishma, Ali Quli, Diandra and Praneet. One of the aspects of the task was to disrupt the other team’s performance. But while Aarya was trying to hamper the other team’s performance, Puneet got upset and used his imposing physical strength to throw him down to the ground. Naturally there was high drama.

The task was stopped mid-way and some of the house mates instigated Aarya to react strongly. But Aarya kept his calm and went to the confession room to complain to ‘Bigg Boss’. Puneet on the other hand tried to justify his actions by stating that he did not attack Aarya but used a martial arts move to stop him from disrupting the work. However that did not cut much ice and ‘Bigg Boss’ ordered for his eviction. The mood became somber in the house. Gautam Gulati who is the closest to Puneet broke down. A tweet on behalf of the channel read, "Puneet shown the doors by @BiggBoss for getting aggressive & physically accosting a housemate."

However, as per latest reports Puneet may be brought back to the house as wild card. But as punishment of his actions, he would be put in a cage for some time and will not be allowed to mix freely with others. During the last season too Kushal Tandon was evicted from the house for pushing a housemate. But he came back later as a wild card.

Puneet who was accused of double standards before now faces the ire of majority of the housemates. Actress Deepsikha who was a secret society member with Puneet, in the early days of the show, slammed Puneet while reacting to the incident - "He is unbelievably double-faced. When we were part of the Secret Society locked away in a room, I looked after him like a mother. He got very sick as he is claustrophobic. He expressed a lot of gratitude for my care and concern. But then when he came into the 'Bigg Boss' house, his behaviour changed." It will be interesting to see how Salman Khan reacts to the entire episode.