Bigg Boss 8: Puneet becomes captain, Upen argues with Diandra

Things are heating up as the finale of the 8th season of Bigg Boss approaches fast. Several developments took place on the 61st day. The episode started with a night chat on the previous day between Upen, Renee, Pritam and Dimpy on Ali. The next day, Karishma is chosen as the third candidate to contest the captaincy. Dimpy was left feeling bad as Ali did not support her candidature. Ali tells Pritam and Renee that he voted for Karishma as she has been in the house longer and was better qualified to be the captain. Nigaar and Diandra discuss the same thing in the washroom.

According to the new task, the three contenders, Puneet, Karishma and Upen had to convince everyone to give their personal items to make their chosen nominee win. In spite of Upen’s request, Diandra decides to support Karishma and Praneet decided to support Puneet. When the task began at 2.30, scales of Karishma and Puneet were rapidly filled while Upen looked on. After some time Ali starts to help Upen. Other housemates join in and Upen accumulates 10 kgs of luggage. Puneet is declared to be the winner by Gautam and he becomes the captain. Later, Upen argues with Diandra about her decision to help Karishma and she goes away angrily. He also argues with Karishma about her decision to contest for the captaincy, but the latter holds on to her ground.

The quarrels about captaincy continue when Nigaar talks to Karishma and Diandra in the changing room about how they could have won if Upen had played along. She also points out that Gautam has played favourites instead of acting properly as the facilitator.

In the meantime, Gautam continues to flirt with Diandra and tries to convince her to apologize to him for badmouthing him on previous occasions. However, Diandra avoids the issue saying the “Psycho Gautam” may return. The argument ends on an affable note as the two shares a hug.

In the evening, a new game is launched to compete for luxury food items. The contestants have to pass the items by mouth. However, the game is cancelled when the participants failed to stick to the rules.

The day ends with Ali inciting Upen against Diandra. He pointed out how Diandra has changed her game and tells Upen that he should win the game by any means possible.