Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut out of the house

The various episodes of Bigg Boss 8 are generally marked with disagreements between the housemates, which frequently result in unpleasant actions. The last episode however saw a major change from this routine. Though Sonali and Gautam were sent out of the Bigg Boss house, it was not as a punishment or eviction, but to complete an exciting task.

The task set in front of the housemates involved buying luxury items. Two housemates were to be selected. They would have the opportunity to visit a mall and buy luxury items for all the members. Gautam and Sonali were chosen for the task. Sonali was elated at the prospect of going out and doing some shopping, but Gautam was not so happy. In fact he appeared tense. There were ample reasons for his tension. The two shoppers were allowed to buy whatever luxury food items they wanted, but they would have to convince complete strangers who were shopping at the mall to pay for them. This was certainly not an easy task.

The two members set off for their shopping trip in a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift. When they reached the mall they were given fifteen minutes in which they were allowed to pick up as many luxury food items as they could. Gautam set about the task quickly. He successfully used his immense charm to convince other shoppers in the mall to pay for his purchases. On the other hand, Sonali enjoyed a more leisurely shopping experience, but ultimately she too got strangers to pay for her things.

Once the task was complete, the two competitors returned to the Bigg Boss house carrying all the luxury items. Wafers, chocolates and other luxury items are generously shared out with all the housemates. This created a feeling of camaraderie which is generally not seen among the housemates. They got interested about the shopping experience of the two. So, Sonali and Gautam narrated their experience and how they coaxed and cajoled complete strangers at the mall to pay for their shopping. This luxury budget task was welcomed by all the housemates who enjoyed the food items.

Meanwhile Bigg Boss had asked outgoing Captain Pritam to nominate two members for his post next week. In an unprecedented move, Pritam nominated himself as one of the contenders. The rest of the house has unanimously chosen Karishma Tanna as the other contender. This has created a lot of interest for the upcoming episodes.