Bigg Boss 8: Dimpy and Renee enters into an ugly fight

It looks like that the trick of putting wild card entries in the house is working well for ‘Bigg Boss 8’. Recently a major argument broke out between housemates Dimpy and Renee. It all started when Bigg Boss announced this week’s luxury budget task. In the task, wild card entries Dimpy, Renee and Nigaar Khan would act as guests in a hotel and except Diandra all other housemates will act as butlers. They will have to serve the guests and in exchange will be getting tips. The one with the highest tips will be the winner. Diandra would act as the hotel’s owner. But there was one small condition that a butler at a time will serve only one guest and this turned out to be the root of all trouble.

During the task when Gautam and Ali were serving Nigaar, Renee asked them to serve her requests. But since this was against the rule, Nigaar and Dimply tried to explain to Renee. But being short tempered, Renee stormed out of the room. This led to a verbal fight between Dimpy and Renee and both started shouting.  Ultimately other housemates intervened to control the situation.

Later in the day, Praneet, Pritam and Gautam went to see a caged Puneet and they discussed about the next captain of the house. While Puneet said that he wants to see Gautam as the next captain, Pritam and Praneet disagreed. Praneet later stated that Gautam should be made captain only after Puneet is out of the cage because only he can handle Gautam when he goes out of the way. Praneet instead said that Pritam should be made the captain if opportunity arises. Pritam also agreed. But Gautam was heartbroken and began weeping. He said, "Dosti maintain to karo." Puneet assured Gautam that he will remain by his side.

The day had started with confessions made by housemates. First up was Karishma Tanna who said in the confession room that she is not selfish even if she is being labelled so. She requested the audience not to misunderstand her. Next up was Upen Patel. Upen said that his image is that of a good-looking flamboyant man but in the last couple of years he had seen a lot of changes. His father passed away and his mother was left alone. He also went through a phase when he had to survive on instant noodles. He claimed to be more spiritual now. Meanwhile, wild card entry Nigaar Khan could see the confessions through camera.