Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza threatens Gautam Gulati with a knife

While ‘Bigg Boss’ viewers are used to seeing a lot of drama on the show, they are being taken for a rollercoaster ride this season. Just when it seems that the drama and excitement of the show is wearing thin, things is shaken up by certain events. Few days back Minissha Lamba created quite a scene when she suddenly locked up herself in the washroom following a fight with Puneet Issar.

Now, it was the turn of ‘wild card’ entry Ali Quli Mirza to do ‘wild’ stuff. Ever since his entry Mirza was made the house captain and from then on he has been getting into fights with fellow housemates. But things nearly got out of hand when Ali Quli Mirza picked up a knife and threatened Gautam Gulati while they were having an argument.

Sources from the set informed that the contestants were shooting for the episode that features the latest luxury task. This week, housemates are asked to divide into two teams and compete in a ‘Mithaiwala’ task that involves cooking items ordered by Bigg Boss. Two teams were led by Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati while Mirza was the referee. Trouble started when Gautam was accused of stealing some items from the store room. This led to a heated argument between Mirza and Gautam. When Gautam abused Mirza with Hindi slang words, he got very angry and picked up a knife to threaten Gautam. Thankfully the situation did not spin out of control.

Within a few a days after his entry, Ali Quli Mirza has been able to make most of the housemates against him due to his behaviour and attitude. Serbian model Natasa Stankovic who was evicted last week, has slammed Mirza after coming out of the house. She said, "If I was given a chance, I would have thrown Ali Quli Mirza out of the show. He is annoying and very irritating. He came in and started bossing over the entire team. He made us feel like we were trapped in a school where he was the head master. He used to react on frivolous stuff like why have you kept the mug here and not in the basin. Why have you not done this and that. It became really annoying." Gautam Gulati on the other hand has had his share of controversies. Most recently he has was seen getting cosy with Sonali Raut when they shared the same bed.