Bigg Boss 8: Aarya, Minissha's secret relationship exposed

The regular viewers of the current season of ‘Bigg Boss 8’ have seen beautiful Minissha Lamba and handsome Aarya Babbar compete with each other as captains of opposing teams. But there is more than what meets the eye between the two. Trouble started when Minissha was seen telling housemate Diandra that before the start of the show Aarya Babbar approached her with the offer that the two of them should act as a couple to survive till the end of the show.

This revelation took both the viewers and the host Salman by surprise. On the other hand, Aarya was seen in the confession room complaining to Salman Khan that he was hurt when Minissha called him a 'thali ka baingan' in front of housemates and special guest Hrithik Roshan. Salman then informed him that Minissha’s allegation that he wanted them to act as a couple on screen. 

Aarya then made a startling revelation that he and Minissha was once a couple. Aarya told Salman “Let me clarify sir, I was in a relationship with Minissha Lamba. We got close to each other while shooting for a movie. We were seeing each other for a brief while back then, before we walked our respective paths and separated amicably.” Salman did not take this very kindly and told Aarya that he was being immature.

But when Salman asked Minissha about this claim she did not answer and again alleged that Aarya had called her up for teaming up as a couple to go ahead in the show. Aarya countered by saying that it was Minissha who had approached him. A source from the ‘Bigg Boss’ production said, "Minissha says Aarya called her up and wondered if she'd mind if he hugged her or held her hand just to feign intimacy. Minissha says she firmly refused Aarya's offer as she is in a steady relationship in real life."

While it is still not clear who is speaking the truth, this incident has created quite a splash in the media and among the viewers. Members of both the families have reacted to the incident. Aarya’s sister Juhi Babbar said, "I had a laugh when I saw the episode where Minissha confided in Deepshikha. I felt that she was trying to project herself as a righteous person. Aarya and Minissha know each other from the time they worked together on Heer And Hero last year...” When asked whether they are former couple, Juhi said, "There could've been something between them during the course of the movie, but I don't know the details.” On the other hand Minissha’s mother Manju Lamba said "It's a small issue that's being blown out of proportion in the media. It is weird of Aarya to create such hype…they both are, in fact, going to do a Punjabi film together in the near future."