Bigg Boss 7: Kushal, Gauhar locked themselves inside the loo

All the crazy things are happening on the seventh season of Bigg Boss. Vivek Mishra after eviction has revealed an unknown fact about the lovebirds Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon. Till now, we are discussing more about Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli’s public display of affection but now interesting facts about the second love couple exposed. Vivek Mishra after eviction divulged that one day; Kushal and Gauhar locked themselves inside the loo for 15 minutes.

Vivek said that much happening between Kushal and Gauhar, “Armaan and Tanisha are just friends. Sometimes when two friends come close there is physical interaction which may not be derogatory,” he says, adding, “Do you know when Gauhar had fainted during a task, she said she wanted to vomit and Kushal had taken her inside the loo. They were locked inside for fifteen minutes. We were wondering why she didn’t take a girl with her,” he says.

About revealing Armaan and Kushal’s personal life on the show, he said that it is mere co-incidence that he came to known about both Kushal and Armaan’s partners.

“Armaan is living in with Tanya Kapoor. She’s an old friend, who had tried her stint in acting. She’s a divorcee and has been living in with Armaan for a while.” Mishra says that she had asked him to see what was happening between Armaan and Tanisha. “She was a bit worried. Initially my vision was coloured by Kamya and Pratyusha, who made me believe that there is something cooking. But later, I understood that Armaan and Tanisha are just friends. There is nothing between them,” he says.

About naming Kushal’s ex-girlfriend, Candy Brar, during a fight, he says, “He and Candy were dating. Kushal is a violent person. Woh maarta peetta tha. I had met him through Candy a few times. But in the house he completely denied ever having met me,” he adds.

Vivek Mishra was the sixth celebrity to get voted out. He only entered last week and was quite shocked to be evicted in the mid-week elimination.