Bigg Boss 7: VJ Andy faints

Bigg Boss 7 really challenged the inmates of the house by giving them the luxury budget task, which led to Andy losing consciousness. So, how did it happen? And is it really what it looks like?

Bigg Boss had given the luxury budget task to three inmates, Andy, Sangram and Kamya wherein the inmates had to stay in a box with a survival kit.  The person who stayed till last would get a ticket to the finals. The challenge was taken up with gusto with Kamya and Sangram winning the task.

Andy came out after surviving 19 hours in the box. He was seen entertaining ex contestant Sunny Leone and Sunil Joshi, dancing and talking. Soon afterwards, he excused himself to go to the restroom where he lost consciousness. The pet dog, Heaven was the first one to reach him. Instinct told the dog all was not well. Therefore, he pulled his hand and tried to get his attention. Noticing this, Bigg Boss asked Armaan to help Andy. Kushal reached Andy first. Armaan, Tanishaa followed from the kitchen. Gauhar hurried towards the restroom too.

In order to help Andy regain consciousness, Armaan made him lie on his back, trying to comfort him. Gauhar instructed Kushal to sprinkle some water on Andy’s face to help him. Soon after, the doctor was called in who came to check on Andy and advised him to take rest because of his ill-health.

The luxury budget task was a landmark event for Bigg Boss as Kamya and Sangram survived in their boxes over 26 hours, thus creating a record, breaking Bigg Boss UK’s record. This was announced on Bigg Boss on a congratulatory note. Although they were excited, Kamya and Sangram continued to stay as long as they could in their boxes, surpassing forty hours. Even now, they are staying in the boxes irking the other inmates.

Andy’s fainting spell has started a rumour of it being a ployon his part, on the lines of Gauhar Khan’s fainting spell. As he left the box early, viewers allege that he did so to shake a leg with Sunny Leone and Sunil Joshi and on realizing his rash mistake, faked a fainting spell on the sets in order to garner sympathy votes. Whether this is true or not, a clever ploy or whether Andy was genuinely unwell, Bigg Boss is famous for the high voltage drama and will continue to ride on it.