Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa hits Kushal Tandon

‘Bigg Boss 7’ which didn’t see much action in its initial days is now getting action packed with each passing day. The contestants have started revealing their true self. Day 38th saw an ugly fight between Tanishaa Mukerji and Kushal.

The contestants were given a luxury budget task. According to the task, a few members of the house were made to sit inside a cardboard box with a few holes. The remaining contestants were supposed to prompt the contestants inside the box to come out. Tanishaa was inside the box. Kushal started prompting her. He got overboard. He started pouring talcum powder and water from the holes. He even tried blocking the holes. He irritated Tanishaa so much that she came out and she started a verbal argument with Kushal. Then in a fit of anger, she went and pushed Kushal hard. Kushal was taken aback. He had not expected such a behavior. He got very angry and told that it was against the rules of the game to hit somebody. Kushal’s friends like Gauhar and Kamya took his side and they all tried cornering Tanishaa. Kushal even called her ‘fatso’, ‘old aunty’ and ‘flop actress- a black spot on family’. These words hurt Tanishaa. But she chose not to react.

Kushal demanded a justice from ‘Bigg Boss’. When ‘Bigg Boss’ failed to call Kushal to the confession room, he tried escaping from the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. He put a number of chairs vertically, climbed on them and escaped the house. Outside the house,  the officials from the house of ‘Bigg Boss’, requested him to re enter the house. He came inside. He was then called by ‘Bigg Boss’ who assured him of proper action.

Later ‘Bigg Boss’ told the housemates that after discussing and looking at all the footages, they concluded that both Tanishaa and Kushal were at fault. Tanishaa did wrong by pushing Kushal and Kushal did wrong by breaking the rules of the house. Both of them were directly nominated for eviction.

Tanishaa went to the confession room. She was sad for her behavior. She wanted to say sorry to Kushal for her actions. ‘Bigg Boss’ counseled her.

Other than this, there were tit bit arguments between Pratyusha and Armaan over washing of utensils. The captain of the house interfered and counseled both of them.