Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa, Andy and Shilpa do sit-ups

10th day of ‘Bigg Boss’ saw contestants breaking rules and playing politics. The day started and ‘Bigg Boss’ announced 2ndterm of luxury budget task for heaven inmates.

The budget task of this week was about counting minutes. The heaven mates were asked to count minutes and the hell mates got a chance to distract them.

Armaan and Shilpa were the first ones to perform the task. They got down counting the minutes. Both of them are from the heaven side. Pratyusha and Gauhar from the hell side tried their best to distract the two heaven mates. They both sang at the top of their voices. Elli and Ratan from hell side, were very exhausted after performing the task throughout last night. In another casual conversation, Elli told Apurva and Gauhar the kind of husband she wants in her life. She also talked about the personality traits and qualities that she would look for in her husband.

Later, Ratan and Elli were seen bickering about the results of a task that was announced a day back. According to the results, both Elli and Ratan were talked as the weakest partner. Both the girls felt that the decision was unfair. Further they also objected on Kamya’s decision. Kamya told that the best performer can be chosen through a chit process. The girls felt that the chit process was unfair. There contention was that merit should be the only criteria for choosing the winner of any task.

The celebrity contestants are so used to talking in English that they often end up talking in English. At ‘Bigg Boss’ house, the contestants are supposed to talk in Hindi. Warden made an announcement about this and warned the contestants against talking in English. She especially warned Gauhar, Tanishaa, Andy and Shilpa. Still they ignored the warning. At this the warden asked Shilpa, Tanishaa and Andy to do 100 sit ups.

At the task, heaven mates lose points as hell mates got successful in distracting the heaven mates. Then heaven mates are asked to nominate two members whom they want to save from the swap. After a long discussion, Anita was nominated. they struggled with the other name. At this Anita had an argument with Armaan. Later ‘Bigg Boss’ announced a competition between the two nominated members. Also, Sangram was seen discussing heaven mates. He told that they play a lot of politics and are cunning.