Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha maintains distance from Armaan

Salman Khan’s advise had an effect on Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli. After the hunk warned them to keep their affection under control, Tanisha has been keeping a safe distance from her rumored boyfriend Armaan Kohli.

When Armaan innocently asked Tanisha is there is anything wrong with the way he behaves with her. She replied that probably the Bigg Boss house might not be the right place to display their affection and she suggests Armaan not to talk privately with her but he should speak in the attendance of other inmates.

Armaan feels that there is nothing wrong in expressing his feeling for someone he likes but he after discussing with the housemates he decided to keep distance from Tanisha as he does not want to hurt anybody's family. Armaan tried to act with decency but his too good nature attitude did not go well with Andy who tried to find out loop holes in his behavior.

Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli’s romance was getting too hot to handle with every passing day. They had become the hot topic of discussion in the house and the inmates of the house felt the two lovebirds of the house Tanisha and Armaan are becoming too intimate on national TV. The duo never missed any occasion to come closer to one another. The host and actor Salman Khan did not favor their blooming romance.

Salman Khan warned both Tanisha and Armaan to behave properly as cameras are installed in various positions of the house and asked them not to be too open in the public as it is viewed by audience all over.

Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan’s love took a back burner after Tanisha and budding romance came into forefront. The couple has been unstoppable.

Salman Khan was concerned about Tanisha getting too close to Armaan on national TV because he shares a great rapport with both Ajay and Kajol and it was also heard that before the show kick-start, Ajay asked Salman to take care of Tanisha.

Before the show went on air, it was reported that Kajol and Tanuja actually restricted Tanisha from taking part on the show but she was adamant to be on the show. But surely the brewing romance between Tanisha and much older in age Amaan Kohli might not have gone well with the family.

It is not yet clear whether Tanisha’s bonding with Armaan on the show is for the sake of entertaining the audience and winning the show Bigg Boss or she is pretty serious about their relationship.