Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha fights with Kamya, Gauhar

At the midnight Andy was sleeping. Kushal and Sangram planned to disturb him. Sangram tickled him and threw chappal on him. After Andy woke up, he got furious and Sangram cleverly put the blame on Kushal. Andy ran after Kushal who in turn passed a few loose comments that hurt Andy. Then finally Sangram confessed that it was his idea. They had a little heated argument. Later Sangram went to his bed and he cried. Andy saw him crying and came for his comfort. Andy decided that he will never forgive Kushal for passing remarks on him. Andy and Sangram patched up.

Everyone got up at 8am with the morning music. It was not a comfortable sleep for jannat wasis as they were asked to sleep by pool side. They woke up complaining. Then Kamya and Gauhar were delegated the task of cooking. They sent parathas for housemates who were sitting outside as they were not supposed to get inside the house. Elli found her paratha unusually hard. She complained and said that it was Kamya who was intentionally trying such stunts as she did not like her from day one. Later Elli started crying. Tanishaa could not take this. She went inside and argued with Kamya and Gauhar for treating Elli like that. Kamya got angry and Gauhar asked Tanishaa to leave. Later Kamya pointed out that housemates were treating them like servants and were demanding undue favors.

Tanishaa also argued that since none of the housemates was allowed inside the house, then why was Pratyusha allowed inside by Gauhar while Elli was immediately asked to leave. To this Gauhar told that she was managing a lot of thing and so it escaped her notice that Pratyusha was inside the house.

Even Gauhar got upset. Kushal came for her rescue. He told everybody to be gentle with Gauhar as she was not keeping well.

Later in the day an ‘adalat’ was formed and all the housemates were asked to talk about the person whom they found with a wrong conduct. Tanishaa told that Gauhar being the captain of the house was giving extra favor to Kushal and was treating others harshly. She told that conduct of Gauhar was not proper.

Before the day got over, Elli clarified her point with Gauhar. She also went and said sorry to Kamya for her over reaction at the breakfast.