Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha caught smoking with Armaan

Tanisha Mukherjee is leaving no stone unturned to let down her family. First, the actress was caught getting cozy with the man much older to her age, actor Armaan Kohli. Secondly, Tanisha who was considered the most sweet and balanced contestant of the house started back-biting the housemates and now the younger sister of the versatile actress Kajol was caught smoking with her alleged boyfriend Armaan Kohli.

Tanisha was caught red-handed with a cigarette pack in the smoking zone of Bigg Boss 7 with Armaan Kohli. The picture released on net showed Armaan and Tanisha together in the smoking room and as if the former was trying to convince Tanisha for something and both behaved quite sweetly with one another.

According to ‘Bigg Boss’ rule book only single contestant can go to the smoking room at one time for a smoke break but in this case Tanisha and Armaan both entered the smoking room and broke the rule of Bigg Boss house. On Monday episode, Tanisha was seen flaunting a cigarette packet.

What is wrong with Tanisha is not yet known. Why she is behaving like this on national TV and bringing bad name to her family is very strange to see. Kajol and mom Tanuja were against Tanisha’s decision to take part on the show. They tried to convince her but she was adamant to take part.

Kajol, Tanuja and Ajay felt humiliated when Tanisha’s romance with Armaan was telecast on TV. They also requested the channel not to air those sequences.

Host and superstar Salman Khan too is highly concerned about Tanisha getting too close to Armaan on national TV because he shares a great rapport with both Ajay and Kajol and did not want to big bad name to the family. Before the show kick-start, Ajay asked Salman to take care of Tanisha.

The latest entry yoga guru Vivek Mishra revealed Armaan’s secret of engagement to Tanya Singh and their live-in relationship on the show but still Tanisha holds a soft corner for Armaan.