Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha breaks up with Armaan

All is not well between the lovebirds of Bigg Boss house, Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli. The duo seems to have called it a quit. The new entrant Ajaz Khan is said to be the reason of their break-up. Ajaz’s closeness with Tanisha did not go well with Armaan and the later put an end to the relationship.

Ajaz’s flirting nature did not go well with Armaan and when Tanisha complained about Ajaz to Armaan, he did not listen to her and asked her to maintain distance from him. He lost his cool and told Tanisha that she is not making any effort to maintain distance from Ajaz.  He claimed that Tanisha is enjoying the proximity with Ajaz.

Tanisha replied, “Just because I have night conversation and because I smile and laugh, doesn’t mean I’m interested in him (Ajaz).”

Armaan after few minutes came back to Tanisha and apologized for talking to her so rudely. He explained that she should understand the game being planned and act according. Tanisha said she was hurt with his behaviour.

During their stay at Bigg Boss house, Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli came closer to one another. The duo even caught kissing and smoking together. Their too much romance did not go well with Tanisha’s family and Salman who is close to Devgn family even warned the couple to maintain distance as they are being watched by the audience and their family outside.

Their blooming love story was too hot to handle for the housemates. Tanisha and Armaan were spicing up the show with their budding romance. The couple was just unstoppable.

Well, Tanisha and Armaan’s break up will provide some relief for Tanuja and Kajol as they were not very impressed with her proximity to Armaan Kohli who is much older to Tanisha.