Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha angry with VJ Andy

The fourth day of ‘Bigg Boss’ saw a few changes with Gauhar Khan coming to the hell side of the house. The fifth day saw its impact. When the hell mates were sitting in the garden area, Gauhar Khan commented about Pratyusha’s mannerism. She called Pratyusha a kid and wished that she could have been a little more mature. Pratyusha got to know about this. She got upset and asked Gauhar not to interfere in her life. Gauhar was taken aback. But she was smart enough to apologize immediately.

Later, ‘Bigg Boss’ called Gauhar and Apoorva to the confession room. Listening this, Gauhar got very excited and told it was her dream come true to talk to ‘Bigg Boss’. Then Apoorva and Gauhar went inside the confession room. ‘Bigg Boss’ gave them a task to nominate two members from heaven side for the post of captaincy of the house. On mutual consensus, they nominated Tanisha and Andy. Then heaven mates were asked to cast their votes in favor of either of the two nominated names. Tanisha won by one vote. This irked Andy and he got upset. Later he told Gauhar that he didn’t win as he became victim of a foul play.

In the evening, Pratyusha and Armaan were talking. Elli also joined them. Both Armaan and Pratyusha started pulling Elli’s legs. Armaan got overboard and crossing his limit, he teased Elli mercilessly. She then got upset and asked him to shut up otherwise she would slap him. This angered Armaan and he vented out his anger. Even Elli burst out crying.           Everybody got to calm her.

When the issue settled down, everybody started discussing the matter. Some were in favor of Armaan and some were in favor of Elli. They passed out their remarks. Andy and Sangram were seen getting furious over Armaan for his inappropriate gesture.

The day ended with a surprise wall. Tanisha was called by ‘Bigg Boss’ and he told him about the surprise wall. It was a wish wall where heaven mates could make wishes. Based on their requirement and necessity, ‘Bigg Boss’ was to grant a few of those wishes. All heaven mates went inside and wished a few things. Then ‘Bigg Boss’ granted two wishes, one was coffee powder and the other was aloe vera juice. Scarcity always leads to fights and survival clashes which have already hit the house of ‘Bigg Boss’.